Thursday, August 28, 2014

The apples are looking great here at Irish Mountain Orchard!  They are growing daily and coloring nicely now.

Because of the late bloom this spring, the apples will be late, as well.  We don't pick them until they are truly ready and taste wonderful, and it's still  too early.  The best guess--and it is just a guess--is that the Zestars will be ready about Sept. 10-12.  Dwain tastes them every day as they get closer to being ready and starts picking only when they are at their very best...that's why people say our apples taste so good.  Please check back, as we will post as soon as we open.

I know many of you can't wait for that first spectacular crunch and juiciness!

We look forward to seeing you at  the apple shed this fall!

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