Irish Mountain Orchard is the home of FruitDefender!


One of the largest challenges fruit growers face is birds that want a taste of the fruit, too.  If left unchecked, birds can easily ruin a crop of apples, pears, grapes, and other fruit.  Irish Mountain Orchard's owner, Dr. Dwain Merickel, solved this problem by developing his own highly effective and innovative solution after trying to control them with other methods, including noise, balloons, and shiny ribbons.

After deploying FruitDefenders at Irish Mountain Orchard, there has consistently been a reduction in bird damage by about 90%.  All our fruit is proudly protected by FruitDefenders.

The great news is, now everyone can benefit from this remarkable effective bird control solution.  If you have some backyard fruit trees, vines, berries, or even a vegetable garden that is getting ruined by bird damage, give a FruitDefender a try

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